Meet Our Staff

Dr. John G. Stark

Dr. John G. Stark is a solo practitioner specializing in comprehensive orthopedic care and treatment.

Training and Certifications
He has been certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners since 1977 and by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery since 1984. He trained at the University of Minnesota, in many of its affiliated hospitals, including Hennepin County, Shriners Hospital, The Veterans Administration Medical Center, and Gillette Childrens’ Specialty Hospital. He served at Shriners for almost ten years after training, providing complex foot deformity care to the children there.

After practicing general orthopaedics, with its special combination of hip, shoulder and knee problems, Dr. Stark took special interest in complex problems of the lumbar spine in 1990. In 2000, he added an interest in orthopedic trauma, which he currently practices for the University of Minnesota and Health Partners at the Regions Level I Trauma Center. All this experience, in joint degeneration and reconstruction (and injury), low back salvage, and trauma, created a unique skill set that he utilizes with each one of his patients.

What do orthopedic surgeons do?
Orthopedics is the medical and surgical specialty that deals with the management of the spine, skeletal structure and the limbs. The limbs include a variety of structures, including nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is a very broad specialty that includes injuries (such as fractures), wear and tear problems (such as osteoarthritis), and inflammatory diseases (such as infection and rheumatoid arthritis). Orthopedic surgeons explore the mechanisms of injury and disease. They provide definition to problems and offer medical solutions, including corrective surgery. Dr. Stark will always bring the patient along with the complex diagnostic and decision process.

Dr. Stark has the experience to help you.
It all starts with an accurate diagnosis. This means a careful history, a cautious physical examination, and an understanding of the problem’s relationship to your general health. All of this must then be put into a context of your family history and an understanding of the impact of the problem on your life. Optimally, then we can make decisions like prognosis, causes, and treatment options. Dr. Stark wants every patient to feel that they receive something at his office that they cannot receive anywhere else, including a willingness to think “outside of the box” to difficult diagnoses, and when necessary, to find resources to care for them.

It is highly unlikely you have something Dr. Stark has not seen before.

........His experience includes:
............• Twenty four years of orthopedic practice, including ten years of surgery
....................for complex foot deformity at Shriners.
............• Ten years of dedication to low back care, including salvage of very
....................difficult diagnostic and technical situations.
............• Five years of general orthopedic trauma, fracture care and spine injury Regions--the Level I Trauma Center in St. Paul.
............• Fifteen years of teaching through his University of Minnesota
....................association, ten years as a Clinical Instructor while at Shriners, and five
....................years (and counting) of full teaching staff credential as Assistant
....................Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Regions. In this capacity, he with medical students and residents in many programs, such as
orthopedic surgery, the trauma service and the emergency

Patients come first.
Having an orthopedic problem makes difficult personal demands on the patient. If you are a prospective patient or family member, we can help you think through the process. You have a right to understand the diagnosis given, how the diagnosis was made, what other diagnoses have been considered, and the different treatment options. In a unique way, this makes Dr. Stark and his staff educators as well as providers.


Betty Fuentes

Betty Fuentes is the Office Manager for the practice. She completed her Pharmaceutical degree in the University of Puerto Rico. She has been working with Dr. Stark since 2004.




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